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Breeding Stock


We are registered breeders of purebred Katahdin hair sheep and supply hobby and commercial farms across Canada with registered and non-registered ewe and ram lambs. Our lambs are hand-raised and our sheep graze on pasture, hay and grain. Without any exception, all our lambs are vaccinated for white muscle disease and fed a well balanced diet to promote healthy growth.

Our Registered Breeder ID is 5407347 and you can find the complete list and bloodlines of our registered flock on the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation website. To view them now, please click here.

Please note that breeding stock are reserved ahead of time and are ready for pickup only after they are are weaned. 

What we offer...

  • You will receive a full medical history of your sheep. 

  • 100% guarantee that your sheep will not be inbred.

  • Free worming before your lamb leaves our farm.

  • Optional first shots of vaccination (Glanvac 6).

  • Your lambs will be comfortable around people.

  • Your lambs will have some exposure to guardian dogs. 

  • We will work with you to ensure our bloodlines compliments your registered sheep or any ram that you purchase from us.

  • You will get a choice of different colours and patterns for your sheep. (Based on availability)

  • Free coat grading for all purchased registered sheep.

For first time shepherds...

  • Special invitation for a farm visit during our lambing season if you live in Ontario.

  • We will work with you to make sure that you are prepared to receive your lambs. From housing to fencing, we will be here to help you along the way.

  • We provide complete aftercare for all of our customers and you can always call us for medical, lambing, feeding or husbandry advice and issues.

Custom 'Easy Care' Sheep

Fairside Farm now offers a custom crossbreeding program for farmers looking for specific Katahdin crosses. Many sheep farmers have been asking about crossbreeding and how to take advantage of heterosis. Due to an overwhelming demand for 'easy care' crosses with Katahdin sheep, we now offer two terminal sires to help farmers create their custom sheep.

  • Dorper ram / Katahdin ewe

  • Romanov ram / Katahdin ewe


We have a very limited supply and a preorder is required. If you have any questions about crossbreeding, please give us a call. For more detailed information about the benefits of crossbreeding sheep, you can visit OMAFRA's webpage on: crossbreeding sheep.

Benefits of raising Katahdin hair sheep

The Katahdin is a unique breed of sheep. Having hair instead of wool, they come in all colours; from pure white to red, black and brown patches. This breed is medium sized, low maintenance and prolific. They are lean, well muscled and distinctly mild tasting.

Registered Katahdin ewes are always polled. They are very maternal and are used often in crossbreeding programs. They produce a good amount of milk and do not usually need assistance during lambing. They are suitable for confinement or pasture lambing and can weigh about 140lbs. Registered Katahdin rams must also be either polled or scurred. Having no horns and growing to about 180 lbs, they are quite easy to work with.Being a hair sheep, they don't require sheering or tail docking. With an extended breeding period, Katahdin ewes are perfect for farmers who like more breeding flexibilities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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