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Whole Katahdin Lamb
As our most economical option, our whole lambs are perfect for many occasions. To assist you with your culinary needs, we offer different sized options that are cut to your specifications. Your lamb will be flash frozen. Our whole lamb are charged by their hanging weight.

Halal Certified whole lambs are also available.
($60 Deposit Required)

Whole Lamb$8.50/LB
Butcher Fee - At Cost
(Receipt w
ill be provided).

Avg. Hanging Weight:
30 - 40 LBs for whole lamb

​​Our Guarantee to You

  • 100% Katahdin lamb

  • Lean and mild tasting

  • Traceable

  • No antibiotics

  • No growth hormones

  • Raised with love

Fairside Pre-cuts
Fairside Pre-cuts are cuts of meat that are individually wrapped and flash frozen for your convenience. Place an order online today and schedule your pickup by clicking the button below.


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Live Lamb


Fairside Farm is pleased to offer live lambs at market rate for religious, celebratory and special occasions. Our lambs are unblemished; we do not practice castration or tail docking. We understand some customers prefer to arrange their own butchering for their special occasion and we can also help. Please fill out our Order Form to let us know your needs. To assist you, we can also provide transportation for a nominal fee within our delivery routes. ($60 Deposit Required)

Updated: Feb 2023

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