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Common Questions

  • What kind of cuts can I get out of a whole lamb?
    Besides the cuts listed, you can mix and match them. If you have any custom cuts (eg. all ground meat, or all stewing meat), please leave us a comment in the Order Form and we will call you to confirm our ability to process your order.
  • What are the additional fees for?
    The additional fees are for the butchering of the lamb. We do not mark up the butcher's fees and will provide you with the receipt from the butcher.
  • Can I choose my lamb?
    Yes, you can choose your lamb. If you are picking up your lamb personally, we can arrange for you to take your pick of the ones available.
  • Can you provide transportaion and how much will it cost?
    Yes, we can arrange transportation. However, the cost will depend on the distance. We do deliver anywhere between Petawawa to Pembroke, and even to the outskirts of Ottawa. We do ask for a norminal fee of 65 cents / km + HST.
  • Slaughtering my lamb at your farm - why can't you provide that service?
    It is prohibited to sell farm slaughtered animals to the public. Click here to view an Ottawa Sun article on this topic.
  • You don't have what I need, can I make a special order?"
    Yes! If you have some special cuts you would like, may we suggest ordering our whole lamb. If you only need half, we might be able to accommodate you depending on our current availablilty.
  • When do you stock up on your Pre-cuts?
    Our stock fluctuates depending on demand and season. Do send us a message if what you want is not on the menu. We will try to accommodate you.
  • Why isn't there any Halal pre-cut meat?
    We don't normally carry Halal pre-cuts. However, depending on the demand and season, we do stock them. Many customers requesting Halal prefer our whole lamb because of how economical it is.
  • I want to cancel my order, what should I do?"
    Just give us a call at (647) 244-4768 and we will cancel it for you. However if you requested for a custom cut, we will not be able to refund your deposit.
  • What happens when I place an order or reservation online?
    After you have placed an online order or reservation, you will recieve an automated email confirmation that we have recieved your order. However, if you have not recieved an email, please email us at . We will then call you to finalise and process your deposit for your order.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, certified cheque, Electronic Transfers. For e-transfers, please send to
  • How much deposit is required?
    We require a $60 deposit for all Whole Lamb orders and Live Lamb and breeding stock reservations.
  • When do you require payment?
    We require your deposit to finalize your order, full payment must be made at the time your order is being delivered or picked up.
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